Our Right To Read – A Reading Revolution

Our Right to Read provides  grants for tutoring  for children and adults with reading and spelling difficulties. Our teachers use the revolutionary Sound Reading System based on the pioneering work of Diane McGuinness.  SRStakes advantage of new knowledge about the complex structure of the English alphabet code – the 44 sounds in the English language and 176 common spellings that represent these sounds. This new knowledge and the unique programme design makes ‘dyslexia’ a thing of the past.  Learn more about the Alphabet Code.

Each lesson works to promote skill in phoneme segmenting and blending, the mastery of sound-symbol relationships, handwriting, spelling, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. Children learn that our writing system is a code, and precisely how this code works. As a result, learning proceeds rapidly with minimal effort and with considerable satisfaction and enjoyment. On average, our students gain two years on standardized tests of reading, spelling, and comprehension after 18 lessons. Most importantly, no student fails to learn to read and spell.  Read more about Tutoring Services.

Pilot studies in the UK and the US have shown that this method works equally well in the classroom, with the vast majority of children scoring one year or more above national norms at the end of the first school year. These gains are maintained and increase over time.

Trainings in the Sound Reading method are offered throughout the year and are open to everyone. Trainings and consulting services are also provided for schools, colleges of Further Education, and Youth Offending Institutions. The Thames Valley Probationary Services has piloted this method with considerable success in its three county jurisdiction.  Some students gained as many as 4 years in reading and spelling accuracy and spelling.  Read more about Training Services.

Our Right to Read is a Charitable Trust (Charity No. 1106327) dedicated to the improvement of reading instruction in the UK and in other English speaking countries.  Grants can be obtained by a simple application process, and age is no barrier. Our Right to Read provides bursaries for individual teachers, teaching assistants, or other professionals to attend the open trainings. In some cases funds may be available to defray project costs for Institutions who wish to train multiple teachers in the method. Read about Grants.