How to Become a Donor

Please help support a child learning to read, a teacher who needs to acquire new skills to teach reading effectively, or a volunteer tutor in a prison

Help Sponsor a Child

Conservative estimates (Government statistics) put the incidence of poor or non-readers in our schools at around 20% of the population. More rigourous measures using proper tests and sampling techniques, show that functional illiteracy (the inability to access information from printed text) is around 40% for 9-year olds in most English speaking countries.To find out why, and read more about the causes of illiteracy, click on:
The English alphabet code.

For nearly 20 years, we have had the solution to this problem. Illiteracy would be a thing of the past if the new synthetic phonics methods were introduced into our schools from the outset.

Bringing a successful method of teaching reading into the classroom is undoubtedly the way to the future. This would insure that all children succeed, eliminating the pain and suffering of millions of children who are failed by current teaching methods.

Our Right to Read is trying to spread the word, but it is a long, hard road. Change never comes easily. We are a young charity with a very big mission, and we need your support. We see about 90 clients per year, all with serious reading and spelling difficulties. Ages range from 6 to 60 and about 30% of our clients were awarded grants. Over the 4 year period in which ORR has been in existence, no one has failed to learn to read and spell within 12-30 hours. The vast majority need only 18 hours of tutoring.

It costs £880.00 for an 18 hour course of lessons and two assessments. Our largest grant pays 75% of this amount, and the parent pays the rest. A full course of lessons supported by a grant, costs the Charity £660.00 per student. Any contribution toward this cost would be most welcome. ORR grant support for tutoring runs, on average, about £20,000 per year.

Help Sponsor a Teacher or a Volunteer Tutor to Learn the Method

Our experience has revealed the enormous illiteracy rates among teenagers and young adults in the probationary system and in Youth Offending Institutions. So often, it is school failure due to reading difficulties, and subsequent loss of self-worth, that leads young people (boys in particular) to anti-social behavior, to petty crime, and ultimately into the prison system.

A young man incarcerated in Huntercombe YOI, who learned to read and spell with one of our tutors, asked her with tears in his eyes: If you know this method that works, why didn’t my teachers know it?

Our Right to Read is proud of its record in providing financial support to individual teachers, Heads of schools, Colleges of Further Education, teachers and trainers in the Probationary system, and volunteer tutors in Youth Offending Institutions. Please help us support this work.

ORR provides £20,500 annually to help support trainings, tutoring in schools for children with special needs, and for young people trapped in the criminal justice system.

ORR has provided funds to the following institutions:

  • Edward Field School. Kidlington
  • Our Lady’s School. Cowley
  • Leicester College
  • Warwick College
  • Hereward College
  • Coventry College
  • University of Warwick Centre for Lifelong Learning.
  • Youth Offending Institute, Huntercombe, Oxfordshire

Our work is extremely important, time-consuming, and arduous. We never have sufficient funds to meet demand, and much more could be done. Funds are needed not only to help support teachers and training personnel, but to support the infrastructure to handle the administrative load.

We are changing lives on a daily basis, but not nearly at the rate we could be. Your contribution would help so many people.

How to Donate to Our Right to Read

Please send a cheque or money order to:
Our Right to Read. Dr. D. McGuinness, Peagles View Barn, Park Road, Combe OX29 8NA.

Make the cheque or money order payable to Our Right to Read. Please provide a return address. For donors who want to increase their donation through the Gift Aid scheme, please let us know, and we will supply the forms.

Our Right to Read wants to acknowledge the financial support we have received from so many individuals and foundations. Our heartfelt thanks go out to you from our staff, from the children and their families, and the young adults who have benefited from your generosity.

  • A list of our major donors is provided here:

    Garfield Weston Foundation

  • CHK Charities
  • Oxfordshire Freemasons
  • Dulverton Trust
    The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation (grants to children)
  • United Parcel Service International (grants to children/teacher training)
  • The Schuster Charitable Trust
  • The Ernest Cook Foundation (tutoring/training in schools)
  • The Kinmont Foundation (refurbishment and rent for the Oxford Reading Centre)
  • The Elizabeth Finn Trust
  • The DLM Charitable Trust
  • The Charlotte Bonham-Carter Foundation
  • The Woodward Charitable Trust
  • The Benham Charitable Settlement
  • The Sammermar Trust
  • The Dragon School Oxford
    Fondation Adelman