Our Right to Read is a Charitable Trust established to provide financial support for children and adults who have struggled to learn to read and spell. Our mission is to advance literacy in all sectors through effective synthetic phonics methods, and to insure that all students master the English alphabet code so they are able to read, spell, and write quickly and effortlessly.

Grants for Tutoring Services.

Our Right to Read provides funds to families of struggling readers who cannot afford private tuition, and to adults with reading problems. Grants are based solely on financial need and are awarded by the Board of Trustees. The number of grant awards is limited by the amount of funding available.

The grant procedure works as follows: After an initial enquiry to the Oxford Reading Centre, information about our programme and a letter outlining the grant procedure is sent to you. A family member or individual can apply for a grant at this time. However, the initial assessment must be carried out regardless of grant status. If a grant is awarded, the cost of this assessment will be reduced accordingly.

There are two levels of grants based on financial need. The largest grant pays 75% of the 40.00 hourly fee, with the client paying £10.00 per hour. The other grant pays slightly less, with clients responsible for £20.00 per hour. Lessons are one hour long and occur weekly. To qualify, the applicant must fill out the grant form and submit supporting information.This should be sent directly to Our Right to Read and not be given to the Teacher. (See below.)

Once your tutor has been assigned, you can request an outline of the grant procedure from your tutor.

Grants for Training in the Sound Reading method.

Grant awards are available on an individual basis for people who want to attend a training but have financial difficulties. Grants are restricted to people who intend to apply their new knowledge as tutors or classroom teachers. To apply for a grant, send a letter to Our Right to Read (address below) setting out your circumstances in detail.

Grants for Trainings supported by Institutions.

Our Right to Read has partially underwritten several large trainings at various Institutions. The circumstances in each case have been different and usually arise because of funding issues. We are currently seeking special Project funding to expand this type of partnership. Until that time, funding will continue on an ad hoc basis.

Send all enquiries about grants, completed grant application forms and supporting material to:
Our Right to Read, Dr. D. McGuinness, Peagles View Barn, Park Road, Combe, OX29 8NA.

Do not send enquiries or other grant materials to individual teachers.