Training in the Sound Reading System

Trainings are provided by Fiona Nevola, author of the Sound Reading System programme. They can be tailored to fit your needs and are provided in the following formats:

Full-training with certification to teach the method

This is a 5-day training, split into two parts with a week-end break. Experience has shown that a 5-day training is essential for a complete understanding of the logic of the method, how to use the teaching materials, and to master the teaching techniques that will move students at the maximum pace.

One-day overview

This is a popular venue for schools and other institutions to learn about the method, the logic behind it, and how it can be implemented in the classroom and in one-to-one settings.

Consulting Services

It is advisable for Institutions new to the method to support their staff initially. Consulting is provided for Institutions that want to implement the method, or have implemented it but need assurance it is being used correctly. Consulting includes classroom observations, monitoring one-to-one tutoring, and private conferences with officials and teachers. It can also include short talks and demonstrations to further members of staff. SRS is a powerful tool when used as a whole school methodology.

Costs of Services.

Five day training

£495.00 per person. This includes all materials, including the Teacher Manual, a set of Worksheets and Word Cards, plus a DVD containing an electronic copy of all materials. It does not include venue costs. Per person costs will reduce considerably for trainings in off-site locations, like schools, or Youth Offending Institutions for over 10 participants – and even further for over 15. To find out about cost reductions for a training at your Institution, contact Fiona Nevola. (see below)

Trainings are not open to the public at schools, YOIs and Prisons.

One-day overview of Sound Reading

The overview has been carefully planned to introduce the method to teachers; it can not be considered a training. Teachers will be given handouts of all the essential information to follow-up after the presentation. Costs are £900.00 for up to 40 teachers.


Consultation fees are dependent upon distance, duration, and the number of people involved. The minimum fee is £500.00 for a full day consultation in a local or nearby area. Contact Fiona Nevola for further details.

Short talks

Two-hour introductory tasters can be arranged.


Our Right to Read has funds for individuals to attend a local training, and to help defray project costs for Institutions that wish to implement the Sound Reading programme. Funds are limited. Click on Grants for details about Training Grants.

To sign up for a training, or to find out more, contact Fiona Nevola.

69 Divinity Road, Oxford, OX4 1LH

Phone: 01865-728760 e-mail:



Demand for SRS training for institutions is increasing. Trainings have been carried out over the last year at Warwick University (Essential Skills Department), Leicester FE College, Coventry FE College, Warren Hill Youth Offending Institution, Huntercombe Youth Offending Institution, Exeter Youth Offending Services and volunteer teachers for the Thames Valley Probationary Service. United Learning Trust- ULT ( have trained teachers from four of their Academies in SRS in March 09. SEN Teachers at Sheffield Springs Academy, Barnsley, Accrington and Salford City have been trained, with a further three academies coming on board in June 2009: Stockport, Paddington and Walthamstow. In September 09 teachers from Sheffield Park Academy, Kettering Buccleuch and Sunderland JuniorSchool were trained -making ten of their schools in all.

Primary Schools from Morpeth in Northumberland to Chelsea, London are having great success.* (see below). Learners of all ages make progress. An adult with a Reading Age of 6.00 can achieve Entry Level 1 in 10 hours of tuition.

Comments from Previous Trainings

Reception and Year 1 Teachers

This has been a truly enlightening week “ the most enlightening of my life.

For the first time ever I now feel I actually understand how to teach reading and spelling. It is wonderfully freeing.

I was bowled over. The system takes reading (and the teaching of reading) into another dimension. It is logical, systematic and watertight. The magic for me is the direct link to spelling and writing.

This course has revolutionized my own understand of English and how it works. I could no longer teach reading or spelling without using the structure and code outlined by SRS. I wish it could have been taught on my teacher training course.

Teachers working in the Probationary and Prison Systems

It has turned on its head much of what I had believed or had been taught about the acquisition of reading skills. It fits with what I see are the reading and spelling difficulties that my learners experience. Fionas passion is inspirational.

I am an experienced teacher who may have felt I knew quite a lot about teaching, reading, and spelling €“ however this course has made it all so clear especially explaining the transparent and complex- opaque codes. Thank you.

I am overjoyed to finally understand the code myself and to have been taught how to teach it to my students. Its impossible to overstate how grateful I am to you for all your hard work in ordering the learning and creating all the resources. I truly feel that for the first time I have the knowledge, skills and materials to really ensure that my learners succeed in learning to read and spell.