One-to-one tutoring

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services are available to people of all ages, including beginning readers.

Please contact Kate Pattinson for tutoring enquiries: e-mail: phone:01844-279204.

Our Tutors

Our tutors are highly qualified teachers. Most hold teaching credentials or special certification to work with children with learning disabilities. All have had three years or more experience teaching the method.

What is Involved in a Course of Lessons?

An initial one-hour assessment is required prior to the first lesson. This includes simple tests of auditory processing, segmenting and blending skills, plus basic reading and spelling tests. The assessment will be carried out by the teacher assigned to you. She will provide a written analysis of the test results, plus a description of the work to follow. Based on the assessment, a course of lessons is recommended. A 12 hour set of lessons is the minimum, and most students will need 18 hours. A final assessment concludes the lessons.

The Observer/Mentor:

A parent (or designated other) should attend each lesson. Students must complete support worksheets and tasks in between lessons. These tasks are interactive; support between lessons is essential, as it will dramatically speed the learning process and reduce the number of lessons required. If a parent cannot attend the lessons, she should appoint another family member, a carer, or a teacher to take her place.This does not apply to older students who can carry out the homework without supervision.


All materials are included with the cost of the lessons. Students will be given a set of worksheet exercises at the end of each lesson to be used at home. These are tailored to the student’s immediate goals. Suitable books are loaned free of charge for the student to read between lessons.


Lessons cost £40.00 per hour. Lessons are billed in advance in units of 6 hours each set. Students must sign up for at least 12 one-hour lessons. The average number of lessons for most students is 18. Lessons may continue past this time if parents and teachers agree. All students require a preliminary and a final assessment. Each assessment costs £80.00.


Grants are available from Our Right to Read for families without the means to pay full fees. There is a two-tier grant award system depending on financial need. Click on GRANTS to read more.

Contact ORR at 01993-898068.